What they are and how to become one.

A Chesterfield DA meet (less than 5 days) or Temporary Holiday Site (aka THS which is a meet that lasts more than 5 days) can’t happen without members volunteering to act as Stewards.

It’s a big responsibility.

Stewards’ duties include booking members in to the meet, collecting fees and paying the landowner, and resolving any problems that come up.
Perhaps more importantly, Stewards also act as ice-breakers, giving a friendly welcome to anyone new to District Association (DA), Region or Special Interest Section social camping and helping them get settled in to the meet.

Why do Club members take such a big job on? In The CCC asked a couple Stewards to tell them more.

Mr and Mrs Browns story…..

Lee Brown and his wife Amy, from Huddersfield, literally fell into DA camping.
He explained: “I fell off a cliff the day before I was due to go on a family holiday. It was back in my mountaineering days. The car was all packed but I couldn’t drive, so we needed to go somewhere local.
“I called Trent Valley DA (TVDA). They were having a booked meet but there was a space for us, and we became great friends with the TVDA Steward. When we went back the next year, he asked if we’d look after the site for a day while they had a break. After that I started volunteering with my own DA.”

That was six years ago. Lee and Amy now steward regularly for Leeds DA, including at its popular Bogie Race meet.

For Lee, the best part of the role is the chance to meet members and make friends. He also enjoys seeing his daughter grow in confidence through camping with Camping Club Youth (CCY) members.
“People come to our meets from Scotland, even from Germany,” Lee said. “I love to see them enjoying the meet and what we’ve laid on as a DA.
“My best memory of stewarding is probably the Bogie Race Meet a couple of years ago – it was busy, DAs came from all over the country, and there was such a buzz. You can’t buy that sort of entertainment.”

How to become a Chesterfield DA Steward

Its easy. Just contact one of us, let us know of your interest and we will give you all the information and assistance you need. OR you could just approach the Steward(s) on one of our events. Have a cup of tea and talk about what its like being a Chesterfield DA Steward.

You may have many questions… so let us try and give you the answers first.

  • You do not need to be a member of Chesterfield DA but you do have to be a member of the Camping & Caravan Club.
  • No you do not get paid, but camping is free. If the event is longer than 5 days, you get some compensation for the fuel you used to get there.You also get free electric if available.
  • Yes you get help and support if you have no experience of Stewarding. Your first ‘gig’ as Steward will be with an experienced Steward who will explain all. If you need a 2nd or 3rd ‘gig’ with another Steward – fine whatever it takes.

  • Yes, if needed,an experienced Steward will also be ‘Joint Stewards’ so local procedures can be gone through.
  • Before the meet/THS begins Stewards get all paper work, documentation, equipment they will need. This includes the DA mobile phone (so long as you promise not to ring Cousin Doris in Australia !)
  • No, you do not have commit to being a Steward for life. If it stops being fun, stop doing it. Just let us know.
  • Yes, you can Steward with a Spouse/Partner/Friend so long as they are a card carrying member of the CCC.

  • No, you don’t need to be on the CDA committee – but this doesn’t mean we won’t ask you to join.

Chesterfield DA is in almost desperate need of new Stewards.

Please help if you can.