Chesterfield DA Committee

Who they are and what the do.

The Chesterfield DA committee consists of members of the Camping & Caravan Club who have of a number of roles and responsibities.

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RoleMain Duties and Responsibilities.
ChairLeading the committee members.
Planning and running committe meetings.
Acting as spokesperson/figurehead.
Vice ChairSupports the Chair with all duties and responsibities.
TreasurerKeeping an overview of the finances of the organisation.
Reporting into committee meetings.
Making sure the DA has the right financial policies and procedures in
SecretarySupporting the administration of the organisation including correspondence.
Facilitating and supporting committee meetings.
Sites SecretaryEnsures any Chesterfield DA event (Meet or THS) is correctly organised and documented.
PR OfficerWorking with all members of the committee the PR (public relations or Promoting) officer ensures that Chesterfield DA events and news/information is available to members of the DA and Camping and Caravan Club.
WebmasterResponsible for keeping the website update and comliant with the CCC rules.
Committee MemberResponsibilities include providing feedback to the above roles, ensuring that we continue to be a club ran by and for the members.
Committe members also get a vote on decisions made by the committee (where a vote is appropriate) at the committe meetings held every few months or so.
Othermore roles can be created as the need arises provided someone is willing to take on the role.
This could be anything. For example Youth Leader, Stewards Liason (working with the sites officer) or Social Media Officer.(working with the PR Officer).

Chesterfield DA would welcome any member who wanted to be on the Committee. Please get in touch.

You don’t have to attend every committee meeting, only those where you can.

The committee can only stay healthy if members join in.

You may know, but we will say it again, in 2024, Chesterfield DA came extremely close to folding due to a lack of interest of its members.