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Welcome to Chesterfield DA's  Website

We hope this site is useful in getting the latest information.  

The website will keep you up to date with whats going on throughout the year and also any up to date changes with weekend rallies and holiday sites.

History of the DA

Shortly after The Camping and Caravanning Club had re-organised the regions in 1973, when the North Central Region was formed a group of keen walkers from Sheffield and Derbyshire got together and formed Chesterfield DA in 1974. It was only a small group of approx 25 initially which soon expanded and became the DA of today.  In the first year of the DA they spent August Bank holiday at Hardhurst Farm Hope.  After that successful weekend in 1974 it was suggested that this to be an annual event which has continued to this day.  

If you have any comments on this webspace, please do not hesitate in contacting the webmaster or, if you have any comments on any of the rallies good /bad please in the first instance email Martin Henman our PRO or alternatively any of our friendly committee.

Bakewell Showground 5th-7th May
Following our recent Committee meeting:
Due to issues at the Bakewell Showground with the cycling event. The D.A has not been charged for Saturday night. Therefore if you would like a refund for this then please contact the Treasurer, otherwise we will be donating the funds to our local charity Ashgate Hospice on the 1st of October.